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CNATT teaches best practices

27 May 2011 | Pfc. Cory D. Polom

The process of Lean Six Sigma is used by major businesses and manufacturing companies worldwide. The students of the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Marine Unit Cherry Point are beginning to get their first glance at what they will see in the near future when the workshops are cleaned up with AIRSpeed 5s design principles.

The five “S” are: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain. The Marines of CNATT took it one step further and added a sixth “S’’ for safety.

“CNATT students are taught about Lean Six Sigma and AIRSpeed 5 because it is what they will see in their job field,” said Gunnery Sgt. Timothy W. Weikert, the communications and navigation staff noncommissioned officer in charge of CNATT. “We began turning the workshops into cleaner, safer and more time efficient workspaces that will better prepare the students and help them learn faster.”

Weikert said CNATT instructors decided on five different personnel that would make up the Cherry Point LSS Team. The team inspected several shops and decided what could be changed and cleaned up to better the workshop productivity.

“We found old parts and garbage just lying around all over the workshops,” said Weikert. “We went into two different workshops, and as a team decided what could be saved or used around the rest of the building and everything else we sent to the defense reutilization management office to be sent to other units that might fi nd a better use for the materials.”

After excess debris was removed and workshops were cleaned up, items were outlined with tape and placed into their spots.

“We outlined each piece of equipment that we use in each shop because it helps for gear accountability,” said Weikert. “We also organized the items in the order of use that the students would use.”

After the two workshops were finished, the LSS team presented the information they found to Lt. Col. Paul M. Melchior, the commanding officer of CNATT.

“I think this a great way to save time and money, as well as keeping the students of CNATT safe while learning how to do their jobs,” said Melchior. “We are working on making this the best school house and not a museum. This program is definitely what we need to make sure we check off this goal.”

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