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VMA-223 welcomes new sergeant major

30 Sep 2010 | Pfc. Scott L. Tomaszycki

Marine Attack Squadron 223 welcomed a new sergeant major and retired their former senior enlisted Marine during a ceremony in the VMA-223 hangar Sept. 24.

Sgt. Maj. Steven P. Brunner relieved Sgt. Maj. Reginald E. Kier of his last post in the Marine Corps.

Kier said he is confident about Brunner’s abilities and the squadron’s willingness to work with their new sergeant major.

“He’s going to be an asset to the squadron,” said Kier. “This is his first time on the East Coast, but he’s coming into the squadron field with enthusiasm. He’s going to keep pushing the squadron forward. He’s an awesome sergeant major.”

 Brunner is expanding the boundaries of his experience in his new post. This is the first time he has ever served with an aviation unit. Even so, Brunner said he is eager and excited to meet this new challenge.

 “I think I’m going to work very well here,” said Brunner. “Even though I don’t have the background, my background is infantry, Marines are Marines. Regardless of the unit, Marines are the same everywhere you go. I’m excited to be here, I asked to come here to the aviation community. I’m extremely impressed with what I’ve seen thus far with how hard the Marines work. I think I’m going to adapt quite well.”

 Lt. Col. John K. Adams, commanding officer of VMA-223, said he looks forward to working with his new sergeant major as well.

 “Sergeant Major Brunner, I’ve looked at your bio,” said Adams during the ceremony. “You are very well prepared for the assignment here, and I do believe that you are an outstanding fit for the VMA-223 Bulldogs. I do look forward to your performance here, and I think it’s going to be outstanding.”

 Not only do they believe that VMA-223 is receiving an excellent sergeant major, but Kier also believes that Brunner is being welcomed by an excellent squadron.

“You are getting the best squadron in the MAG, hands down,” said Kier to Brunner in reference to Marine Aircraft Group 14. “They will work for you, they will support you, and they will go to the ends of the world if you tell them to do that.”

The young enlisted Marines of VMA-223 had great respect for Kier as well.

“I thought that whenever Sergeant Major Kier spoke in a formation, that everybody was always intently listening,” said Pfc. Michael E. Mueller, an administrative clerk with the squadron “You could tell that everything he had to say was really important. I’m only 20-years old, and he’s been in the Marine Corps 10 more years than I’ve been alive. When someone like that talks, you listen.”

 Kier is returning to his family in his home state of Alabama after his retirement. Brunner is now the 37th sergeant major of VMA-223.

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