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Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Hermann poses with Faison C. Powers of Hubert, N.C., holding her purse tightly. Powers had her purse snatched in late February, and Hermann tackled and detained the suspected purse thief until police arrived. Jacksonville, N.C., Mayor Sammy Phillips presented Hermann with a Civilian Commendation medal, June 22. Hermann is a motor transportation utilities mechanic assigned to Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken

Cherry Point Marine nabs thief

7 Jul 2010 | Lance Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken

Jacksonville Mayor Sammy Phillips began a city council meeting June 22 by awarding Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Hermann of Cherry Point a Civilian Commendation medal for Samaritan actions in late February 2010.

Hermann is a motor transportation utilities mechanic assigned to Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28.

“We don’t just give these out to anybody,” said Phillips, looking at the guests in attendance and back at Hermann in his blue dress deltas uniform.

“You’ve been on the news all day,” said Lt. Col. Brian J. King, the commanding officer of MWCS-28, enlightening his Marine on how significant his actions were.

On that day in February, Hermann, an Atlanta, Ga., native, was out with friends in front of the Jacksonville Mall and heard a shocked voice yell “Hey, he stole my purse!” It was 17-year-old Faison C. Powers of Hubert, N.C.

Hermann explained how like a reflex he dropped his bag and bolted toward the baggy-clothed, shaggy-haired purse-snatcher, gripping a large, orange purse. Hermann tackled and restrained the alleged crook in an arm bar hold until six police cars arrived on scene.

“I just kinda tackled him,” Herman said modestly.

He said he almost had forgotten about the whole incident.

“I got called a couple weeks ago about the award,” Hermann said. Powers’ family and friends joined her at city hall to show Hermann their appreciation.

“We were fortunate it didn’t turn out worse,” said Powers’ mother, Linda. Hermann said his actions stem from his grandfather, a WWII veteran, who always put others before himself.

“My grandfather was drafted to play hockey for the New York Rangers,” said Hermann. “But when he was drafted to serve his country during a time of war, it took precedence.”

Hermann said he was fortunate to inherit some hockey skills from his grandpfather too, which he thought helped in taking down the purse snatcher.

“You can’t beat the physicality and fast pace of hockey.”

The Jacksonville Mayor was proud to recognize Hermann’s fast-paced initiative.

“It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there who will go above and beyond the call of duty,” said Phillips.

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