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Kenneth B. Warford, service voting action officer for Head Quarters Marine Corps, talks to voting officers at Cherry Point in the air station’s commanding officer’s conference room, April 22. Warford feels that every vote counts and it does matter if just one person doesn’t vote.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Cory D. Polom

Voting officers gain higher-level training

21 May 2010 | Lance Cpl. Cory D. Polom

Due to a recently passed law, Marines and Sailors must register with a voting officer every year prior to Jan. 15.

Kenneth B. Warford, service voting action officer for Headquarters Marine Corps, came to Cherry Point to give air station voting officers training regarding the new law, April 22.

Warford travels to all Marine Corps installations to train voting officers to help their Marines in the voting process.

“Cherry Point has a few new voting officers, and it’s their job to teach Marines why it’s important to vote and to make sure everyone votes on Election Day,” said Warford.

According to Warford, the mission of the Marine Corps’ voter registration program is to ensure that all Marine and civilian personnel, their eligible family members, and other personnel serving with Marines, are informed of state elections and have the chance to vote.
Warford’s presentation gave examples and tools voting officers can use to help teach Marines and Sailors how to vote.

“My presentation helps the voting officers learn a few tricks of the trade, and I try to push them to work closely with the family readiness officers,” said Warford.

The next time Marines and Sailors will have the opportunity to vote is Nov. 2, 2010, for state governors and state senators and members of the House of Representatives.

“Voting is our right that we have fought for, for years,” said Capt. Elizabeth Snyder, the air station adjutant. “We are a democracy. We are the people represented by the people. When you vote, you vote for a person or a group that will represent your best interests.”

For more information, contact your unit voting officer, or visit the Cherry Point Web site at

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