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The corner of Cherry Point’s 6th Avenue and C Street is the site of a roadwork project that has been delayed due to environmental issues, but should be done by middle to late March.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Santiago G. Colon Jr.

Cherry Point road detour to continue through spring

4 Feb 2010 | Lance Cpl. Santiago G. Colon Jr.

Drivers on Cherry Point will experience a longer than expected detour on 6th Ave. near the flight line due to an environmental delay. The detour has been in place due to construction in support of fire fighting equipment in a nearby Cherry Point hangar. 

According to Lt. j.g. Ryan Constans, the air station’s construction manager and assistant resident officer in charge of construction, said despite the delay in the project, he is working to have it restarted.

“There has been an unforeseen extra cost,” Constans added. “I am currently negotiating the extra cost and am waiting to get additional funds in hand.”

Constans said the 6th Ave. project is part of a $14 million hangar renovation that was awarded last year to Blue Rock Structures Inc. The project includes burying a 16-inch water line that will eventually supply a new aqueous film-forming foam system in building 130. The AFFF is a foam-producing system designed to extinguish fuel fires in hangars.

“The contractor has about 70 percent of the line buried,” added Constans.

Constans said the original plan was to install the entire pipe at a 6-foot depth, above the water table where groundwater is located. However, existing utilities forced a depth of 12 feet, creating an additional cost for the contractor and a contract modification.

“Typically, groundwater in excavations would simply get pumped to the storm-water system, but this is not possible around the flight line,” Constans added.  “Ground water on 6th Ave. must be collected, tested, and treated due to environmental regulations concerning ground water contamination.  The extra cost to deal with these environmental concerns has caused the delay.”

Although there is no official end-date for the project, Constans said the 6th Ave. roadwork should recommence soon.

“The restart date can’t be set until the modification is signed, but I anticipate the contractor will be able to restart by next week,” Constans added. “The estimated completion date is middle to late March.”

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