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Security Augmentation Force: back-up to the back-up

1 Apr 2019 | Cpl. Morgan Collett Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Security Augmentation Force (SAF) training is done to provide qualified and properly trained personnel ready to support the military provost marshals (PMO) and local law enforcement. They train to become our law enforcements back-up when their capacities are exceeded, support destructive weather efforts, and any special event that is deemed appropriate by the installation commander.

The Marines training to become a part of SAF go through numerous courses to become the highly qualified assets needed. After completing all of their initial screening, the Marines coordinate with their newly assigned squad leader to begin their law enforcement oriented training. Marines in SAF are required to qualify on the pistol range as well as participate in defensive tactics training, a gate procedures class, vehicle search training and qualify for level one contamination with oleoresin capsicum spray.

Following this training; they can spend anywhere from a six months to a year assisting PMO with regular and special duties to help keep our installations and the people within them safe.

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