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The mission of the Cherry Point Communication Strategy and Operations Office is to foster positive relationships between MCAS Cherry Point and local communities and to increase public awareness of the MCAS Cherry Point and the 2nd MAW's contributions to national defense through interaction with Marines, Sailors and their families.

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DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, WE ARE NOT PROVIDING ALL SERVICES AS NORMAL.  PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT REGARDING AVAILABILITY  BEFORE SUBMITTING A FULL REQUEST.  We process a variety of requests to include small group tours, large group tours, volunteers for local events, guest speakers, and equipment and asset support requests, including ceremonial color guard and vehicles.

The Department of Defense has very specific rules and guidelines regarding what kind of events are eligible for support based on federal law.  The United States Marine Corps may support events that are open to the public, however we cannot participate in events which appear to benefit or favor any private individual, special interest group, business, religion, ideology, commercial venture, political candidate or organization.  Requests are taken on an individual basis and are reviewed to determine eligibility. Per government regulation, the requester cannot be a government employee, including military service members.  Requesters must have authority to represent the requesting organization.

Instructions for processing requests differ based on the type of request.  Please refer to the information below and follow the specific directions and time constraints which apply:

1)  Volunteer Requests – Marines, Sailors and DoD personnel aboard Cherry Point are encouraged to volunteer to help the community.  We cannot mandate any service member to participate in an event; all involvement in an activity will be on the member’s personal time and not in an official duty status.  Therefore, military uniforms, and government materials and equipment intended for official use only may not be used during their involvement in such events. If you have an event for which you would like to request volunteers, please email the following information to

  • Name of Event and Organization
  • Date
  • Location
  • Point of contact, with phone and email for additional information and where to register or sign up.
  • Specific information which outlines what the volunteers are needed to do.

Marine Volunteers

2)  Color Guard DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING COLOR GUARD REQUESTS. FOR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT:  -  The traditional formation of the ceremonial color guard adds dignity to any military-related activity, parade or civic event by showing respect to our nation and those who have served.

If you have an event for which you would like to request a color guard, fill out and submit a DD Form 2536 and send it to
Color guard requests are submitted to the COMMSTRAT Office.  If they meet DoD criteria, they are routed to the Cherry Point and 2d MAW Sergeants Major for determination of availability and assignment. 


3)  Guest Speakers – Every Marine has a story to tell, and the Corps supports them doing so at community events across the country, from small-town civic organizations to big-city national conventions. 

If you have an event for which you would like to request a guest speaker, email the following information to

  • Name of Event and Organization
  • Date
  • Location
  • Point of Contact with phone and email information
  • Topic.  Be very detailed about the topic to help us locate an appropriate speaker.

Guest speaker requests must be submitted at least 60 days in advance.

4)  Tours DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING TOUR REQUESTS. FOR QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE AT: – Cherry Point offers a variety of tours for visitors throughout the year.  Tour types and availability are determined by several different factors; size of tour, type of interest and availability of assets, such as military units and personnel, government vehicles and equipment and they are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

     Windshield tours – The most popular tour is a windshield tour, which is perfect  for individuals, small groups or families.  Regular windshield tours are offered on  Wednesday mornings and last approximately two hours.   Windshield tours can  be scheduled up to 90 days in advance, but no later than 4 pm the Monday of  the week of the tour.   

     Formal group tours – Tours for formal groups are scheduled for weekdays, excluding Wednesdays.  The type and scope of the tour is determined based on  the size of the tour and unit availability.  Formal group tours require a 30-day minimum advance request.   

 To request a tour, please send an email with the following information to
  • Name of organization
  • What you would like to see while visiting the air station 
  • Number of visitors 
  • Date of visit 
  • Any special accommodations, e.g.  wheel chair accessibility 
  • Age of visitors 
  • Point of contact with phone and email
  • Earliest arrival time and latest departure time to help us plan your itinerary

Note:  All visitors to the air station will be required to submit personal information necessary for security background checks.  Plan to provide this information when requested, which should be no less than two weeks prior to your visit.  

5)  Equipment Support (off-base, non-aviation) – Marine Corps ground equipment displays offer the public the opportunity to view the various tactical vehicles and equipment the Marine Corps uses daily.

If you have an event for which you would like to request equipment, fill out and submit a DD Form 2536 and send it to

6)  Aviation Support

Aviation support such as flyovers and static displays of aircraft cannot be processed locally.  All requests for aviation support must be processed through Headquarters Marine Corps.  Please refer to the HQMC Website for specific information and to process a request.

Note:  If you receive a notice of eligibility from Headquarters Marine Corps you must contact a supporting unit per the contact information provided in the notice.  A notice of eligibility is not a commitment of support from the Marine Corps.  It only indicates that your request may legally be supported as long as an operational unit has appropriate resources available to consider your request.  Due to the extremely high volume of aviation requests no unit will contact you first. 

7)  Band requests
The 2d Marine Aircraft Wing Band performs in a wide variety of local community events.  Please visit the Band Website on how to submit a request and for additional information.

If you have questions on how to submit any of these requests or need additional information, please call 252-466-4241 or email for assistance.  After submitting a request, a COMMSTRAT representative will contact you within five working days.  If you do not hear from a representative, please contact us to ensure we received your request.


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