Bachelor and Transient Housing


The permanent party Bachelor Housing Office is currently located in Bldg 286. Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am - 3:30 pm. The Bachelor Housing Department (BHSG) provides billeting for permanent party single Marines and service members not entitled to Bachelor Allowance for Housing (BAH) in eighteen barracks buildings. Individual barracks are managed by unit barracks managers under the supervision and guidance of the bachelor housing office.

Bachelor Housing Points of Contact:

Housing Director Mr. Mike McGee (252) 466-2699
Bachelor Housing Assistant Ms. Sara O'Briant (252) 466-5744
Bachelor Housing Assistant Mr. Bobby McCoy (252) 466-2139
Geographical Bachelor Housing Ms. Tabitha Frazier (252) 466-3486


The transient housing facilities, operated by the Billeting Fund, provides professionally managed, business-based lodging in support of readiness, mission accomplishment, and improved productivity by providing quality, affordable lodging and hospitality services to personnel on temporary duty, to personnel and families executing permanent change of station orders and to other authorized patrons. Advance reservations for TAD/TDY travelers can be made up to a 30 days in advance. Space available travelers should call the front desk to inquire about the current reservation policy.

The Cherry Point Inn (formerly known as the BOQ) offers single room and suite accommodations. The Cherry Point Inn is located in building 487 on Madison Dr.

Carolina House and DV Suite advance reservations for O-6 and above are managed by Station Protocol.


  • Cherry Point Inn Front Desk – (252) 466-5169 (24/7)
  • To make reservations for Distinguished Visitor Suites or Carolina House, please contact Station Protocol at (252) 466-2848.
  • Transient Housing Manager – Ms. Dana Brocious – (252) 466-2385

Or contact us at


Transient Quarters Rate Chart (NEW RATES! as of October 1, 2020)

 Single Cherry Point Inn $90
 Suite Cherry Point Inn $96
 Distinguished Visitor Suite $96
 Distinguished Visitor House $96

* Rates are subject to change


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