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Richard N., 2, paints during activity time at the Child Development Center at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Nov. 14, 2014. Children at the CDC decorated brown paper bags for the commissary to raise awareness of the 5210 Healthy Military Children Campaign. The campaign is designed to lower obesity rates and improve overall health of military children.

Photo by Cpl. U. B. Roberts

Cherry Point CDC adopts 5210 HMC Campaign

24 Nov 2014 | Cpl. U. B. Roberts Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

In September, Marine Corps Semper Fit and Recreation announced the launch of the 5210 Healthy Military Children Campaign.

Cherry Point’s Child Development Center instituted the 5210 HMC campaign in its curriculum this year to raise awareness of health issues and encourage healthy living choices among military children.

The 5210 HMC campaign is a program that recommends the consumption of five servings or more of fruits and vegetables, watching two hours of or less or television, engaging in one hour or more of physical activity and consuming zero sweetened beverages. The campaign supports healthy living for military children.

According to Marine Administrative Message 462/14, the campaign is the direct result of the Department of Defense’s child obesity prevention working group report, which identified the need for a consistent health program at child care centers at military installations.

“The 5210 Campaign is a program designed to help parents and children make healthier life choices,” said Vianna Ramnath, the training and curriculum specialist at the CDC here.

In addition to helping parents and children make healthier life choices, the program incorporates three central concepts- working, playing and living together by creating concrete hands-on experiences for both parents and children to participate in, according to Ramnath.

In order for the program to be successful, families, child care providers and youth and recreation centers must promote healthy living choices. Healthy living starts at home, said Ramnath.

To help spread the word, children with the CDC decorated paper bags donated by the Cherry Point commissary to help inform Commissary shoppers about the new campaign.

“The 5210 Campaign focuses on parents being the key to its success,” said Ramnath. “Education of the military child begins at home where parents have the opportunity to teach their children the benefits of healthy living at an early age.”

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