A message to leaders: arm yourself with knowledge of your Marines

3 Apr 2014 | Lance Cpl. Joshua R. Heins

If any particular topic lends itself to the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ Reawakening campaign – it is the subject of having personal weapons at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. Because nothing will help to ensure Marines here are safely complying with the air station regulations better than the involvement of the noncommissioned and commissioned officers in a weapon owner’s chain of command.

For Walter Davila, the assistant operations officer with the Provost Marshal’s Office, the concept is simple: Do you have a Marine in your charge who lives on the air station and owns (projectile-emitting) weapons? Do you have a Marine who brings a firearm aboard the air station to shoot at the skeet range? “If the answer is yes to either of those questions,” says Davila, “then you, as an NCO, SNCO or officer, should be aware of that and should make sure these Marines fully understand the related air station regulation, Air Station Order 5510.15c.”

The order gives firearms owners everything they need to know about who can bring personally owned weapons aboard Cherry Point, and when and how they can do it, said Davila. All Marine leaders, especially NCOs, should ensure their Marines understand and follow the air station order.

“Noncommissioned officers need to take the time to stay involved with their Marines,” said Davila. “They should know everything about their Marines, to include whether or not they have a personal weapon and if it is properly registered.”

Weapon owners who live at Cherry Point or bring weapons aboard the air station must have a valid military, retired or dependent ID or civilian ID, along with proof of purchase of the weapon. Serial numbers must be clearly stamped on the weapon for required registration with the Pass and Identification office.

“You are allowed to own projectile-emitting weapons on base, including everything from rifles to Airsoft guns,” said Sgt. Roberto Rodriguez, a watch commander with PMO. “However, anything that emits a projectile must be registered with Pass and ID.”

“A simple way to ensure your Marines understand the air station order is to be knowledgeable on the order yourself and make it a part of the check-in process,” said Staff Sgt. Barry Hodges, an armory chief for Marine Wing Support Squadron 274.

Leaders getting involved with their Marines and ensuring the station order is followed is a simple matter, according to Hodges. “NCOs should just talk to their Marines.”

For more information about personally owned weapons regulations at Cherry Point, review the air station order on the Cherry Point website at or call PMO at (252) 466-3615.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point