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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point


Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina
 Traffic Laws

All military personnel who live on base that possess a personally owned weapon or weapons are required to register with the Provost Marshal Office with in 72 hours after arrival. All military who live off post, civilians, or retired military personnel who desire to enter the installation with a weapon are required to register weapon(s) with the Provost Marshal Office at the front gate prior to bringing the weapon(s) onto the installation. When entering the installation with a weapon you must immediately notify the guard at the gate of your possession, show valid permits and at the guards request a clear chamber with a locked trigger guard on any pistols. In addition you must notify them of your destination and intent.

A weapon is considered:
All pistols, rifles, shotguns, air rifles/pistols, pellets or BB guns and any authorized war trophies. Any knives more then five inches long, swords or machetes. ANY, ANY types of explosives.

A weapon will be transported in the following way only:
They will be in the trunk of the vehicle, if vehicle has no trunk, the weapons will transport in plain view. Personally owned weapons will never be concealed, placed in a glove compartment, or under the seat. Weapons will be unloaded and when possible the bolt of the weapon will be removed when being transported. Ammunition will be kept in a separate container

No weapon of any kind is allowed on the Flight Line any Military Educational Facility or Childrens Youth Center accept those carried by Military Police or otherwise expressly authorized personnel by the base commander MCAS Cherry Point.

NOTE: In N.C. you must have the express written authority of your command in order to apply for, purchase, or license a firearm if you are in the active duty military.


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