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Traffic Laws
Provost Marshall's Office

Traffic Laws

Seat Belts are mandatory - wear them! It's a DOD regulation and a North Carolina state law that seat belts will be worn in government and civilian vehicles on or off station by all vehicle occupants. A child less than 6 years of age must be restrained, no matter where seated, by an appropriate child restraint system. Children, 4 years old and under, must be in a federally approved child car safety seat.

Traffic signals control traffic and pedestrians at some intersections and mid-block crosswalks as follows: (1) a circular green signal means "go" but left turning traffic is unprotected and must yield right of way to on-coming traffic; (2) a circular yellow signal means caution and the signal is about to turn red; (3) a circular red signal means stop.



Stop on yellow unless you are too close to the intersection to stop safely - in that case, drive cautiously through the intersection.

Unless there is a sign indicating "NO TURN ON RED," you can turn right on red after stopping and ensuring that the turn can be made safely.



Vehicle checks are held periodically aboard the Air Station. You may be asked to show your license and identification card and/or to step away from the car for a check of the trunk or interior. When aboard Cherry Point, you must yield to any request for a vehicle check. Identification cards are requested after 2300 each evening and up to 0500, and the car may be inspected during these hours. Road checks are periodically held in the surrounding communities.



Accidents occurring aboard Cherry Point and in the adjacent communities must be reported. The law protects a person who stops and renders aid at a scene of an accident from civil liability except for intentional wrongdoing or unruly conduct. If you are in an accident, you must: (1) give your name and automobile registration number as well as the name of your automobile insurance company; (2) be certain to get the same information from others who were involved in the accident; and (3) if you do not know who was in the other car, or whose property was damaged, write down all the information you can gather and give it to the nearest police officer.

You are required by law to make an immediate report to the nearest enforcement officer or agency of any accident in which any person is killed or injured or in which the total damage to cars and other property appears to amount to $500 or more. Failure to do so may result in prosecution, and your driver's license may be suspended.

You should also report an accident to your insurance company. In certain cases, North Carolina law requires that the driver of any vehicle involved in a reportable accident provide proof of financial responsibility (liability insurance) on special forms sent by the Division of Motor Vehicles. These forms must be completed and filed with the DMV.


So You Want a License?

N.C. Graduated Licensing- Level One-Limited Learner's Permit-Start by completing a driver education course approved by the Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 15 years old but less than 18 years old and reside in N.C. You must pass written, signs and vision tests. For the first six months a Level One permit authorizes you to drive between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. while accompanied by a supervising driver.

Level Two-Limited Provisional License-Must be 16 years old but less than 18. Must pass road test. You may drive without supervision from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. and at any time while driving directly to or from work or any volunteer fire, rescue or emergency medical service.

Level Three-Full Provisional License-Upon completion of six months of driving with no moving violations or seat belt infractions.


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