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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found Property Custodian is one of the many services offered by the Security and Emergency Services Crime Prevention Section. If you have lost or misplaced an item, please contact us to see if your property is one of the many items we are currently holding.  Before calling or emailing us, please have (if available) the following information to help us return your property: The item’s make/model, serial number, color, identifying marks or characteristics, and where / when you last noticed it. You may contact the PMO Lost and Found Custodian, Steven Miller, at (252) 466-2461 during working hours or email at  If you have lost property please call, even if you have no documentation or receipts, we want to get the property back to you.

Found property currently on hand includes but is not limited to:  jewelry, cell phones, electronics,  wallets, watches, keys, knives, child care items, camping equipment, and many other items.


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