Defense Equal Opportunity Command Survey (DEOCS) was designed by Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) to assess the EO climate of a unit. Since only the requesting commander will see the results of the survey, this is a good tool for Commander's to assess the EO climate in their units and take corrective actions where necessary. The results also gives the commander an overall comparison of other Marine Corps unit's that have taken the survey.

Commanders are required to assess their command EO climate with 90 days of assumption of command, and ensure proactive strategies are initiated to monitor progress if needed.

Commands that have been assess within 90 days of a new Commander's arrival are not required to be reassessed.

Rapid command response to EO issues must be visible to all members of the unit. The absence of a visible response can result in increased apprehension and polarization. No incident having an effect on EO can be overlooked or discounted, regardless of how insignificant or limited its involvement may appear on the surface. Every incident should be addressed and if necessary recorded and reported through the chain of command for resolution.


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