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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina
 Hurricane Damage Information

As MCAS Cherry Point recovers from the effects of Hurricane Matthew, it is important that personnel who experienced damages or losses know how to find assistance. Below is a list of contact numbers and information for reporting damage and filing claims for reimbursement, repairs or replacements.

In cases where damage is severe, it's vital to document it appropriately. It is recommended that people photograph the damage to their property as preparation to file a claim.

Personal Claims

Any insurance claim that is denied, in part or in whole, may then be submitted to Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MFP-2), see more information and documents at https://www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/MF_MPS/PersonalPropertyClaims under Personal Property Claims.  The Personnel Claims Act is designed to cover all military base residents and DOD employees whose personal property was damaged on station (if not otherwise covered by a personal insurance policy).  All forms must be submitted to MFP-2.  For additional information, contact the claims section of MFP-2 at Comm: (703) 784-9533.

All claims must be submitted to a claims office within two years from the date of incident when personal property was damaged or lost. The following documents are needed to file a claim: DD form 1842, DD form 1844, electronic funds transfer, certification of non-availability of private insurance, food safety listing (if applicable), electrical/electronic repair form (if applicable), and computer repair form (if applicable).  For more information and links to the above documents see MCAS SJA SharePoint site at https://cherrypoint.mcieast.usmc.mil/special/CSSCollab/SJA/Pages/default.aspx

Mail claim package to:
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MFP-2)
2008 Elliot Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5103

Commercial:  (703) 784-9533
DSN:  278-9533
Fax:  (703) 432-2591

Navy-Marine Corps Relief

Additionally, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society can provide assistance on a case-by-case basis. Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. They will be closed for Columbus day at noon and all day Monday. For more information, call 466-2031.


Future Storms

As hurricane season continues, it is important that Cherry Point personnel and family members learn from Hurricane Mathew and plan for future storms. Following are some tips provided by the Staff Judge Advocate:

  • Be aware of and account for what insurance you have or don't have on all property prior to a storm.
  • Important documents such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, vehicle titles, etc. should be safeguarded. Ensure they are in a waterproof container. If an evacuation takes place, take these documents with you.
  • Take the time to document all property, especially valuable assets. Make note of when and where the property was purchased and how much was paid. This can save a great deal of time and hassle if damage occurs.
  • When buying perishable food before a hurricane hits, save the receipt. If the food spoils due to power outage, station residents may be able to seek reimbursement through the Personnel Claims Act. If you have to dispose of food after a storm, document what you throw out to make filing a claim easier.
  • Money used to purchase supplies, such as generators or plywood to board up windows, will not be reimbursed by the government.
  • If you evacuate without being ordered to do so, you are responsible for your own expenses. In the case of a mandatory evacuation in which residents go to a shelter, basic necessities will be provided.
  • For pets that cannot be accommodated at a shelter, patrons will be responsible for their own expenses.
  • Special cases will be reimbursed, such as family members with special needs that cannot be accommodated at a government provided shelter. If applicable, service members should coordinate with their command and Marine Corps Community Services Exceptional Family Member coordinator.

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