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Equal Opportunity advisor join MCAS Cherry Point

30 Oct 2014 | Cpl. J. R. Heins Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point recently welcomed a new Equal Opportunity advisor.

As the new EO advisor, Staff Sgt. Joseph Scott’s mission is to advise Cherry Point’s commanding officer, ensure Cherry Point Marines and Sailors understand the EO program and train squadron EO representatives to ensure an effective program throughout the air station.

“As an EO advisor, I’ve trained at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., where I learned mainly about diversity, knowing how to recognize different personalities and how to effectively communicate with each.”

The overarching goal of EO advisors like Scott and the representatives they train is to educate Marines about EO and help build and maintain a cohesive, combat ready force; promote teamwork and cohesion by eliminating prejudice and harassment; and ensure Equal Opportunity exists for all Marines and Sailors. They do this by providing training, education, guidance and personal assistance with issues of discrimination.

 According to Scott, not all leadership issues are EO issues, but all EO issues are definitely leadership issues.

“We are not geared toward responding to simple bad situations, we are here to help the commander achieve organizational effectiveness and promote leadership traits and principles,” said Scott.

 Before becoming an EO advisor, Scott served as an EO representative for several units.

“Each unit has an EO representative,” said Scott, who has an open door policy. “There is no process to see an EO representative or advisor. If you know where my office is, walk right in. There are no formalities about it.”

For more information on Equal Opportunity issues, contact Scott or your squadron’s EO representative.

To reach Scott, e-mail or call (252) 366-2326 during working hours. After working hours call (252) 229-5906.

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