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Marines watch a presentation on the Never Leave A Marine Behind Program during a special interest brief July 23 as a part of the Inspector General of the Marine Corps' visit.

Photo by Pfc. Mike Granahan

Eyes, ears of commandant come to Cherry Point

1 Aug 2013 | Pfc. Mike Granahan

 The Inspector General of the Marine Corps oversaw an inspection of Marine Attack Squadron 231 on Cherry Point July 22-25.

The IGMC is in place to ensure directives and policies that come from the Commandant are adhered to throughout the Corps.

“We are required, every two or three years depending on what type of unit it is, to come and inspect them to ensure they’re following the Marine Corps orders, the directives, the policies and ensure everyone’s on track,” said Sgt. Maj. Irene Z.

O’Neal, the sergeant major for the Inspector General of the Marine Corps. “We bring subject matter experts from Headquarters Marine Corps who are here to teach, train and assist (2nd Marine Aircraft Wing).”

The IGMC maintains a bird’s eye view, allowing them to compare and contrast units from throughout the Marine Corps and bring a wealth of information to 2nd MAW, said Terry Rudisill, the 2nd MAW IG.

“Not only are we evaluating, we’re teaching and training,” said Rudisill. “That’s the same philosophy that IGMC has when they come inspect us. They’re looking to see if we’re assisting the units or just going down and telling them what’s wrong. We want to benefit the command.”

The IGMC shadowed Rudisill and his team as they conducted an inspection of VMA-231.

“While we’re out inspecting, they’re watching over our shoulder and they’re seeing if we’re being consistent in our grading,” said Rudisill. “We’re checking for combat readiness, morale and welfare, safety issues and we’re going through 61 to 70 different checklist areas to make sure that unit is bottom-line operationally and combat ready.”

The results of the inspection are turned over to the unit’s commander, allowing them to make adjustments to improve overall performance and similarly the IGMCs results are given to the 2nd MAW IG.

“Just like any other command, we appreciate an outside view looking in on us,” said Rudisill.

Between the IGMC and the individual IGs throughout the Marine Corps, a system of checks and balances is created that fosters a healthy, consistent and productive work environment across
the Corps.

“Someone needs to ensure that across the Marine Corps we’re all doing the same thing and we’re all doing it right,” said O’Neal. “We are the eyes and ears of the commandant.”

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