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Cpl. Alvin P. Arcement, a cyber network operator with Marine Wing Support Squadron 271, stands next to a routing network aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., July 15. Arcement oversees and maintains the battlefield internet and manages access rights while in the field.

Photo by Pfc. Unique.B.Roberts

Flyby:Cpl. Alvin P. Arcement

18 Jul 2013 | Pfc. Unique B. Roberts

Most people wouldn’t think doing a job that involved building servers, setting up networks or creating administrative privileges for others would seem fun and interesting, but to one individual, it’s what he strives to do, and he enjoys the challenges it presents.

Cpl. Alvin P. Arcement is a Marine who has a passion for learning and being kept on his toes.

“In my job there’s definitely always something to learn,” he said. “In the field, everything falls under the cyber network operator. We build the servers and set up networks and that act as network administrators which have access to email exchange accounts.”

The duties of a cyber network operator differ in garrison from being in the field.

In garrison, Arcement works under the direction of the Navy-Marine Corps Internet system.

In the field, he oversees and maintains the battlefield internet and manages access rights.

Keeping equipment up and running and being able to find and take on challenges is what Arcement looks forward to when he comes to work.


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