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Sgt. Maj. Henry Prutch, left, and his son, Lance Cpl. Scott Prutch, were recently reunited in Afghanistan. The sergeant major is nearing the end of a yearlong deployment to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, as the senior enlisted advisor for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), and his son is beginning a deployment as a landing support specialist with Combat Logistics Battalion 4. Sgt. Maj. Henry Prutch is deployed out of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., and Lance Cpl. Scott Prutch is deployed from Okinawa, Japan.

Photo by Cpl. Brian Adam Jones

Marine sergeant major serves with son in Afghanistan

2 Feb 2012 | Cpl. Brian Adam Jones

As Sgt. Maj. Henry Prutch’s yearlong tour in Afghanistan draws to a close, only one thing worried him – he might not get to see his son out here.

But Lance Cpl. Scott Prutch, a landing support specialist with Combat Logistics Battalion 4, flew in to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, to begin a six-month deployment to Helmand province, Jan. 28.

The sergeant major is preparing to return home to eastern North Carolina in about a month as his unit, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), hands responsibility over to 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward) in the early spring.

“I knew it would be close, so this worked out pretty good,” said the elder Prutch. “I missed his graduation from boot camp in April.”

As the sergeant major for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward), Henry Prutch serves as the senior enlisted advisor to Maj. Gen. Glenn M. Walters, the flag officer responsible for all Marine Corps combat aviation operations in southwestern Afghanistan.

Scott said his dad, a Marine with 29 years of experience, has had some pretty good advice for him, and provided a lot of support for him when he decided to join.

“I had a lot of knowledge beforehand from conversations at the dinner table,” said Scott, who was recruited out of Havelock, N.C.
Scott said that he feels prepared and excited to begin his tour in Afghanistan.

“With my team, with the support company I’m a part of, I’m 100 percent confident we will be successful,” he said.

The sergeant major had some words of encouragement for his son as he begins his first combat deployment.

“Enjoy your time out here one day at a time. It’s never as bad as you think it is,” Henry Prutch said. “You’re with a good unit, they’ll be successful, and it’ll be a good opportunity.”

Scott described his goals for his time in the Marines as furthering his career and education. His dad seemed to like the plan.

“Seeing him wear this uniform, it’s a good feeling, it makes me proud. Personally, you want the best for your kids, want them to succeed and be happy in life,” the sergeant major said. “I know a lot of the young Marines are the same age. He’s going to succeed or not succeed based on his own ability.”

“Being in the Marines, I can wake up and know what I have to do each day,” Scott added. “It’s a nice little set up – you work hard, you do what you’re supposed to do, and you’ll succeed.”

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