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Mollie Todd laughs along with her friends during a comedy show at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Theater Friday. “Mollie Gross made me realize I’m not alone in this ,” said Todd. “She makes you feel like you’re in good company as a military wife. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who goes through thoughts of craziness while the husbands are gone.”

Photo by Lance Cpl. Cory D. Polom

Marine spouses enjoy laugh with comedian Mollie Gross

1 Feb 2012 | Lance Cpl. Cory D. Polom

Hundreds of spouses from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River packed into the Cherry Point Air Station Theater Jan. 27 to enjoy the comedic act of Mollie S. Gross.

Marine Corps Community Services and the Officers’ Spouses Program invited Gross to the air station to help bring humor to the home front.

“During my husband’s first deployment I was depressed and felt alone like every other wife in the Marine Corps feels,” said Gross. “I decided to find happiness in the humor of our life style. After my husband got out of the Marines, I went to Los Angeles to get some professional training in stand-up comedy before taking my show on the road.”

Gross said she felt like she could change the mood of military spouses.

“I do shows for all branches all over the U.S.,” said Gross. “I enjoy performing for Marine Corps spouses because they are part of my family. I do a lot of my jokes on the harsh times the military wives go through.”

Most of the spouses related with Gross in saying as soon as their spouse deploys, something goes wrong with the house or the car.

“I loved the jokes and advice she had about getting to know the maintenance personnel for base housing,” said Mollie Todd, a Marine spouse. “In the first few weeks of my husband’s deployment I had my vacuum, water heater and curtain rods break. It makes it harder and more frustrating for the spouses, and Mollie Gross makes us all see we are not alone in our thoughts.”

Todd said the show really made her laugh because of the hidden truth behind each of Gross’ jokes about her life and experiences.

“She makes you feel like you’re in good company as a military wife,” said Todd. “It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who goes through thoughts of craziness while the husbands are gone.”

Gross discussed deployments, in-laws and other various topics that the spouses could relate to and find humor in.

“I think the show went great,” said Gross. “These women at Cherry Point know how to have fun. I really hope the wives from this show take pride in knowing they are not alone. They not only support their Marines while they are deployed but they serve this country as well.

“A lot of different comedians and musicians go overseas to support our troops,” she added. “I wanted to entertain the women here in the states who are serving by supporting their husbands. They serve with pride. I’m proud of my fellow wives, and I hope the men who attend walk out with a sense of pride in their wives and say ‘I’m proud of my wife and what she goes through.”

Gross finished the night signing copies of her book ‘Confessions of a Military Wife’ and continued to push her fellow military wives to keep going and to live by her motto – “semper feisty.”

“I encourage them to live feisty,” Gross said of all military wives she meets. “As a Marine Corps wife you can’t go through this life-style thinking you’re alone. You are not alone. We are all thinking the same thing, and I take pride in bringing joy to all these great women by saying what they are thinking.”

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