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Energy Action Month

17 Oct 2019 | Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Energy conservation is more than just switching the light off when you leave a room. No matter the clime or place, energy conservation is the responsibility of all.

For Energy Action Month, the energy team at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point is focusing on the three pillars of energy security implemented by the Department of the Navy:  Resiliency, Reliability and Efficiency.

“To reach our goals, we recently switched our central heat plants from coal to natural gas,” said Danny Ngo, the MCAS Cherry Point energy manager. “We are also in the process of working with a company to upgrade our utility infrastructure to help maintain readiness.”

According to energy and utility managers, energy is a critical part of installation resilience. Mission readiness is imperative to mission success, which is often aided by the sharing of innovative ideas. It is vital everyone stay prepared for situations such as prolonged power loss and review their work and home emergency response plans.

The air station is taking a proactive approach to address some of these issues, and energy managers are continuing to urge participation throughout the community.

“While the air station is focusing on infrastructure upgrades and improvements, all service members can contribute to resiliency by turning off the lights and appliances while they’re not in use,” said Alvin Fonville, the MCAS Cherry Point utility manager.

A comprehensive community effort can have an enormous influence on the culture of energy conservation for generations to come. A few helpful habits include utilizing energy efficient light bulbs, using smart power strips and reducing water heating expenses.

Energy Action Month is intended to raise public awareness about energy use and conservation. It shines some light on issues in which many may not be educated. Energy managers encourage community members to take part in conserving energy; it’s hard to tell when it will be needed the most.

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