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Destructive Wx Recovery
Destructive weather recovery

Hurricane Florence Recovery

  • 245 Facilities/Structures
  • 128 Temporary roofing.
  • 108 Facilities were 'dried out'
  • 80% of overhead power distribution was destroyed.

Recovery ($10M)

  • Clear and access/temporary roofs/dry out/moves.
  • 12 Line crews restored power in 1 week.

Restoration ($289M)

  • Multiple large roof and interior packages.
  • FY19 - $95M awarded.
  • FY20 - $180M awarded.
  • FY21 - $14M pending award.

Rebuild ($189M)

  • 5 projects were awarded on August 12, 2020:
    • PMO/H&HS & MWHS-2 Headquarters Replacement.  Estimated completion 3/2023
    • Station Academic Facility/Auditorium.  Estimated completion 11/2024
    • BT-11 Range Operations Center Replacement.  Estimated completion 9/2024
    • Fire Stations Replacement.  Estimated completion 8/2024
    • Motor Transportations/Communication Shop Replacement.  Estimated completion 8/2025


Destructive Weather Recovery Efforts

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point