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Coronavirus / COVID-19

HPCON Alpha beginning friday, november 4

Effective as of November 4, the decision has been made to reduce the Health Protection Condition (HPCON) from Bravo to Alpha. 

Tenant and adjacent commands maintain the authority to modify masking requirements within its respective facilities.

Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point continues to require indoor mask wear.

Although HPCON has been reduced, the nation continues to deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and personnel are encouraged to practice routine hygiene measures to mitigate risks to the community.

  • Voluntary mask wear
  • Stay home if ill and seek testing
  • Frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Stay current with vaccination protocols
  • Enforce isolation/quarantine guidance for personnel that test positive or have been exposed to COVID-19



Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point